S2 E02 My Life On a Plate

01:26:06 | 01/09/14 | TV-14 | CC

The Group Challenge

The teams are set, and it's time for the competition to begin.

The first challenge is a group challenge, where the competitors get help from their respective mentors in cooking to a theme -- this time it's "My Life On a Plate." Each contestant must cook a dish or use ingredients that hold a special place in their hearts.

Each mentor must then pick one of their team's dishes to be judged blind by famed chef Edward Lee. The mentor of the team that finishes on the bottom has to send home someone from their own team. Ouch.

The representatives:

Team Marcus: Shehu
Team Ludo: Jeff
Team Anthony: Shellie
Team Nigella: Jay

Chef Lee liked Jeff's ramen dish the best. And he liked Jay's soup the least, so Nigella had to send someone home. After some heated debate, she sends Reina home, citing her unwillingness to take criticism.

The Solo Challenge

Next up, the contestants must cook on their own so the mentors can judge blind -- with the exception of Ludo's team, who thanks to winning the competition gets the benefit of having Chef Lee in the kitchen to help out.

The mentors taste everything, and then each picks their favorite dish -- which earns a gold star -- and their least favorite -- which earns a red star. The results:

Gold Stars:
Anthony: Lee (own team)

Red Stars:
Anthony: Jay
Audrey (own team)
Jay (own team)

After the stars are revealed, the judges deliberate, and they send Jay home.

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