S2 E05 Go Green

01:25:35 | 01/30/14 | TV-14 | CC

The Group Challenge

This week's theme is "Go Green" -- all the dishes must be vegetarian. Dairy qualifies, but no meat or fish. This week's dishes were judged blind by Chef Yotam Ottolenghi.

The representatives:

Team Marcus: Sarah
Team Ludo: Louise
Team Anthony: Shellie
Team Nigella: Jacquelyn

Chef Ottolenghi picked Louise's glazed carrot dish as the top taste. He liked Sarah's radish salad the least, putting Marcus in the awful position of having to send someone home.

But before Yotam could announce his results, Jacquelyn inexplicably bolted from the kitchen, leaving everyone to guess as to the reason. It turned out she decided to withdraw from the competition -- leaving Nigella's kitchen completely out of the running. That meant Marcus didn't have to send anyone home from his team, leaving Sarah and Shehu to cook another day.

The Solo Challenge

The results:

Gold Stars:
Anthony: Louise (Ludo's team)
Sarah (Marcus's team)
Ludo: Lee (Anthony's team)

Red Stars:
Anthony: Dana (Anthony's team)
Jeff (Ludo's team)
Ludo: Jeff

After the stars are revealed, the judges deliberate, and they send Dana home.

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