S2 E06 The Sweetest Thing

01:25:35 | 02/06/14 | TV-14 | CC

This week's theme is "The Sweetest Thing" -- all the dishes must be desserts. (Anthony's worst nightmare.)

The Group Challenge

This week's dishes were judged blind by famed pastry chef Christina Tosi.

The representatives:

Team Anthony: Shellie
Team Ludo: Louise
Team Marcus: Sarah

Miss Tosi picked Sarah's dish as the top taste. She liked Shellie's's radish salad the least, putting Anthony's team on the bottom, and someone from his team on the chopping block. Anthony sent Brad home.

The Solo Challenge

The results:

Gold Stars:
Anthony: Marina (Ludo's team)
Jeff (Ludo's team)
Ludo: Louise (Ludo's team)

Ludo's team took all the gold stars this week, and each of them earned at least one!

Red Stars:
Anthony: Shellie (Anthony's team)
Ludo: Sarah

After the stars are revealed, the judges deliberate, and they send Shellie home.

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