S2 E07 Good With Beer

01:25:35 | 02/13/14 | TV-14 | CC

This week's theme is "Good with Beer" -- which is pretty self-explanatory (and delicious).

The Group Challenge

This week's dishes were judged blind by famed chef Jonathan Waxman.

The representatives:

Team Anthony: Lee
Team Ludo: Marina
Team Marcus: Sarah

Chef Waxman picked Marina's dish as the top taste. He liked Sarah's's dish the least, putting Marcus's team on the bottom, and someone from his team on the chopping block. Marcus sent Shehu home.

The Solo Challenge

While the general theme remained intact, for the solo challenge the chefs got a couple tweaks: Their dish had to include beer in the recipe, and they had two hours to cook. After an hour of cooking, Chef Waxman announced that they had to serve a second dish to complement their first.

The results:

Gold Stars:
Anthony: Jeff (Ludo's team)
Ludo: Lee (Anthony's team)

Red Stars:
Anthony: Marina (Ludo's team)
Lee (Anthony's team)
Ludo: Sarah (Marcus's team)

After the stars are revealed, the judges deliberate, and they send Sarah home.

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