S2 E08 The Season 2 Finale

01:25:35 | 02/20/14 | TV-14 | CC

This is it: the final episode of Season 2. From Ludo's Kitchen, Jeff, Louise, and Marina will compete, and from Anthony's Kitchen, Lee will represent. By the end of the day, one of them will be crowned the Season 2 Champ.

The First Challenge

The first challenge will be judged blind by one of the most chefs of all time: Jacques Pepin.

The theme of the challenge is Rich & Poor. The chefs must cook one rich dish -- something fancy made with decadent, expensive ingredients -- and one poor dish -- something made with more humble ingredients. But of course, they both need to be tasty. All four chefs put their dishes forward; whoever Chef Pepin picks as his worst will be eliminated on the spot.

Chef Pepin liked Marina's dish the most, so she had a guaranteed spot in the finals. In a bit of a shocker, the chef who got eliminated before the final round was Jeff -- owner of the most gold stars over the course of the season.

The Final Challenge

For the final challenge, to be judged by the panel of mentors, the three remaining chefs have to cook three dishes: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The results:

The Champion: Louise
Runner-up: Marina
Third Place: Lee

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