S1 E04 Daring Pairings

43:12 | 02/12/13 | TV-14 | CC

Fourteen chefs remain after the first cut from last week's Comfort Food dishes. The theme of the second challenge is Daring Pairings, in which the chefs must choose the right combination of food and wine.  The teams must use one of the five secret ingredients selected by their respective mentor. Chef David Kinch and sommelier Andre Mack appeared as guest judges to determine the winner of the Team Taste Test, and then to assist the chefs of the winning team with their dishes for the Blind Taste Test judged by the four mentors. 

The Team Taste Test

The four spoons that were selected to compete in The Team Taste Test belonged to: Uno from Team Anthony, Erika from Team Nigella, Gregg from Team Ludo, and Adam from Team Malarkey.

David and Andre selected Gregg's Five Spice Short Ribs as the winning dish of the Team Taste Test. Gregg won immunity, and David and Andre joined Ludo's winning kitchen to advise the chefs on their dishes for the Blind Taste Test.

The Blind Taste Test

The mentors sent home Sean from Team Ludo and Erika from Team Nigella.

The mentors awarded gold stars to the following chef's recipes:

Khristianne from Team Malarkey: Duck Two Ways (Khristianne earned two stars -- one from Ludo and one from Malarkey)

Ninamarie from Team Anthony: Lemon Cream Pork Shoulder (Ninamarie earned two stars -- one from Anthony and one from Nigella)

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