S2 E03 Guilty Pleasures

01:26:05 | 01/16/14 | TV-14 | CC

The Group Challenge

This weeks theme is "Guilty Pleasures." This week's dishes were judged blind by Chef Aaron Sanchez.

The representatives:

Team Marcus: Sarah
Team Ludo: Jeff
Team Anthony: Dana
Team Nigella: Jacquelyn

Chef Sanchez liked Jeff's foie gras tacos the best. And he liked Sarah's egg dish the least, so Marcus was forced to send Audrey home.

The Solo Challenge

The results:

Gold Stars:
Anthony: Lee (Anthony's team)
Shehu (Marcus's team)
Ludo: Jeff (Ludo's team)

Red Stars:
Anthony: Dana (Anthony's team)
Marina (Ludo's team)
Don (Marcus's team)
Ludo: Don

After the stars are revealed, the judges deliberate, and they send Don home.

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