Noah Ritter

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Noah Borowski Ritter was discovered at the age of five while attending the Wayne County Annual Fair in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, with his grandparents John and Kathy Borowski. Local Newswatch 16 reporter Sofia Ojeda was reporting on opening day. She was interviewing attendees about the food, rides and activities of the annual fair. During his interview, Noah took the microphone from Ms. Ojeda and continued talking, saying the word "apparently" several times in course of the interview. The clip aired on the local news that evening and went viral.

Since the clip went viral Noah has been interviewed on "Good Morning America," "ABC Nightly News" and the "Today Show." Noah has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show from 2014 thru 2015, and commercials for Liberty Mutual Insurance and Visa that appeared on Ellentube 2016. Noah did a Internet commercial for The Fresh Pet Food Company, produced by Shareability Inc. in Los Angles, California. He co-hosted the 2014 Viral Videos segment with NFL star Michael Strahan for ABC's "The Year." He was also invited to welcome the share holders of SC Johnson annual shareholders meeting in Racine, Wisconsin. Noah did a charity appearance for the Everhart Museum ( Scranton, Philadelphia) for Dino Days.

Born in Philadelphia, Noah resides in Pottstown, Pennsylvania, with his mother. Noah attends the second grade, is a yellow belt in Karate, plays Pokémon Go with his grandpa Jack and taking drum lessons. He is also a connoisseur of pizza.

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