S2 E03 Episode 3

10/15/17 | TV-PG | CC

This week's toy inventions include:

Chainy Charms – a series of collectible and tradeable charms with inspiration from the '80s and Japanese pop culture.
Inventor: Lizzy from Las Vegas, Nevada

Rocket Pockets – an easily transportable 18-hole raft that can be used for various carnival games to play in your own home.
Inventor: Gary and Nan from Tampa, Florida

Fortune Spinner – a pocket-sized game that combines the mysterious fun of the Magic 8 Ball with the body of a fidget spinner.
Inventor: Mark from Cincinnati, Ohio

Hugalopes – a re-adjustable, furry stuffed animal with add-on parts available.
Inventor: Jazz from Oakland, California

Water Constructor – a build-it-yourself set of sprinkler tubes.
Inventor: Steven and Damaris from Logan, Utah

Botallions – a fast-paced tabletop strategy game.
Inventor: Colin from Reno, Nevada

Atom Ball – a multifunctional, voice-activated entertainment device.
Inventor: Robert from Baytown, Texas

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