S2 E04 Episode 4

10/22/17 | TV-PG | CC

This week's toy inventions include:

Playout – a multiplayer exercise card game that turns fitness into an interactive, competitive game.
Inventor: Eddie from Atlanta, Georgia

Pillow Fight Pals – fun-shaped plush pillows that turn your pillow fights up a notch by glowing in the dark and making fun sounds when you squeeze them.
Inventor: Kyla from Phoenix, Arizona

Mind Games – a multiplayer game where you must step on a given number of toy domes and avoid stepping on the dome that sounds off the alarm.
Inventor: Marvin from Los Angeles, California

Flexxball – a portable and space-saving version of table tennis that challenges players' hand-eye coordination.
Inventors: Sanel and Priyam from Chicago, Illinois

Technochic – DIY tech-craft kits that come with basic craft and electronic components to create and design wearable light-up creations.
Inventor: Natasha from Jersey City, New Jersey

Hovercraft – a build-it-yourself, remote-controlled water hovercraft that offers both a learning experience and a fun toy.
Inventor: Bob from Cordova, Illinois

Fidget Flow Toy – a life-size fidget toy that can be changed into all different shapes and sizes.
Inventor: Jennifer from Saranac, Michigan

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