S2 E05 Episode 5

10/29/17 | TV-PG | CC

This week's toy inventions include:

Glow Flyer – a light-up Frisbee that changes colors when you play with it.
Inventors: Michael and Michael from Clifton Park, New York

My Doll Room – a portable, collapsible dollhouse with different decorating options.
Inventors: Rory and Molly from Lakeville, Connecticut

Robomustache – a collection of wooden robot craft kits.
Inventor: Charles from Asheboro, North Carolina

Tournament of Towers – a competitive, point-driven tower building game.
Inventors: Donovan and Jeff from Los Angeles, California

Hybrid Creatures – dolls that represent combinations of different animals and mythical creatures.
Inventor: Pamela from Pleasant Grove, Utah

Camp Outrageous – an outdoorsy board game where players race to be the first to complete a campgrounds-inspired obstacle course.
Inventor: Thom from Chicago, Illinois

Archipelagolf – a reimagined portable golf set in which a ball launcher is used instead of golf clubs.
Inventor: Doyle from Clovis, California

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