S2 E06 Episode 6

11/05/17 | TV-PG | CC

A new concept for wheeled sports, a tabletop party game, a knightly take on "rock, paper, scissors," and more fun inventions make their debut this week when amateur inventors enthusiastically present their toys to a panel of kid judges.

This week's toy inventions include:

Ninja Cards – a fast-paced and competitive target throwing game with collectible cards.
Inventors: Dustin from Irvine, California, and Ken from Chicago, Illinois

Orbitwheels – a cross between a skateboard and a pair of inline skates, combining the best features of each.
Inventor: Ywanne from Camas, Washington

Look Who's President – a multiplayer, election-themed board game where players hit the campaign trail and explore politics.
Inventor: Edgar from Chicago, Illinois

Earth Wurm Works – finger-puppet kits with different worm characters that raise awareness for recycling.
Inventor: Stephanie from Simi Valley, California

Huck Hopper – a versatile tabletop party game with a focus on education, motor skills, silly challenges and rewards.
Inventor: Jesse from Fairmount, West Virginia

Eardorables – a variety of stuffed animals with enlarged, zippered ears that act as secret pockets in which to store belongings.
Inventor: Kelly from San Diego, California

Putty Pets – tiny stuffed animals filled with clay that can be squeezed, shaped and rolled.
Inventor: Jerrett from Aurora, Colorado

RPS Revolution – a new spin on "rock, paper, scissors" that uses collectible figurines.
Inventor: Kathy from Wheaton, Illinois

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