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Inside View With Kelly Rutherford: Interview with Scary Mommy Blog Creator Jill Smokler

By Marisa Dabney | May 6th, 2016

In this edition of Inside View with Kelly Rutherford, Jill Smokler talks about her Scary Mommy blog which reaches over 12 million moms monthly. It started as a personal blog about her days with her kids and her life and has evolved into a community of women of all kinds from all over. She got a little criticism when it first launched but received much more support as many people were happy to have a place where they could openly discuss their struggles with parenting.

Jill Smokler Creator of Scary Mommy 

Scary Mommy is the #1 parenting site in the United States.  During the interview Jill also talked about Mommy Guilt. Jill advises women not to apologize all the time as men don't and we need to make an effort to have a little more personal ownership in our lives. 

Jill Smokler on Mommy Guilt

There are a lot of things she feels guilty about with regards to her kids as she wants to do everything for them. She realized her husband did not feel guilty about the same things she did and found that you do not always have to try to be perfect. There is no right way to be a parent or to be a mother.