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Nicolle Wallace Takes on Times Square for Election Night

By Sydney Berger | Nov 6th, 2014

It was an evening filled with poignant projections and even sharper concerns. While covering the Midterm Elections as a Republican analyst for ABC News, The View co-host Nicolle Wallace hit the streets of New York City’s Times Square outside of GMA headquarters Tuesday night. Just before stepping foot outside, Nicolle had just been informed that the Republicans had won majority control of the Senate and she wanted to see what people on the streets had to say.

While the Times Square-goers Wallace spoke with had myriad opinions about what this election meant for our country, the overall consensus had the same underlying request: policy implementation.

Brett Parks, who voted absentee in Jacksonville, FL, said he “cares a lot about this election.”

“I feel like we’re so stagnant right now we needed a change; some kind of change. It feels like nothings getting done a lot of the time.” “There’s been no action so we need a shakeup every once in a while,” Parks added. “Who knows, maybe in a few years, we might have to do it again.”

Jason Zook, of Washington, told Wallace the following: “I just hope that things will happen, and we won’t just talk about it. People need to get started on doing the actual work instead of actually talking about doing the work.”

For Zook, the two most pressing issues are the economy and Obamacare. As a small business owner, Zook says it’s really hard to manage his employees with Obamacare: “I employ people and it’s really hard to regulate.”

And his wife Robbie, who is a health care provider, says a lot of her patients are frustrated with the changes being made with health care as well.

Though change is an adjustment, Zook adds, “Change is good.”

We certainly saw change with this election, and a big win for women. According to ABC News (abcn.ws/1s6lx4L), some major highlights from the 2014 Midterms included:

  1. In South Carolina, Republican Tim Scott became the first popularly elected African-American Senator from the South since Reconstruction. In New York, 30-year-old Republican Elise Stefanik is officially the youngest woman to be elected to Congress.

  2. Democrat Gina Raimondo is the first female governor of Rhode Island to be elected; she beat Republican opponent Allan Fung. 

  3. The next time the 113th Congress casts its vote, it will be the first time that 100 votes will be cast by women. 

  4. Joni Ernst is the first woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate from the state of Iowa.  

Check the clip below to watch Nicolle breakdown the election results on the November 5th, 2014 episode of The View: