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Sarah Palin Defends Son, New TLC Show Called Irresponsible and Cast of "Boyhood"

By The View | Jan 6th, 2015

Co-hosts Rosie O'Donnell, Nicolle Wallace and guest co-hosts Tracey Wigfield, Margaret Cho and Tony Gonzalez discuss Hot Topics.

Hot Topic: Palin Bites Back
Sarah Palin is criticized over a picture of her son Trig standing on a service dog and in her defense she mocks President Obama for having eaten dog meat as a child. 

Hot Topic: Acting Your Age
Russell Crowe thinks actresses should take on characters that are their own age, the co-hosts feel this is sexist and discuss how in hollywood  male actor's  female counterparts staying the same age as they get older.

Hot Topic: Sheen Spirited
charlie Sheen slams Kim Kardashian on Twitter after she allegedly refused to give a young fan an autograph.

Hot Topic: Is He or Isn't He?
New TLC Show called "My Husband's Not Gay" called irresponsible by GLAAD and the co-hosts agree.

Cast of "Boyhood" on "The View"
Director Richard Linklater and actors Patricia  Arguette, Ethan Hawke and Ehler discuss the film "Boyhood" which took over 12 years to make as it follows a young boy from child to adoloscence.

Kathy Griffin Starts New Role on "Fashion Police"
Guest co-host Kathy Griffin talks about  Joan River's influence on her and the new season of "Fashion Police."