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Kanye Commotion at Grammys, Ashley Graham Joins Hot Topics Table and Director Spike Lee

By The View | Feb 9th, 2015

Co-hosts Whoopi GoldbergRosie O'Donnell,  Rosie Perez, Nicolle Wallace discuss hot topics including Kanye commotion at Grammys and Brian Williams taking time off from NBC News.

Hot Topic: Rosie O's Heartfelt Message
Rosie O talks about her new HBO comedy special called A Heartfelt Stand-Up that discusses her heart attack.

Hot Topic: Anchor Away
Brian Williams credibility is in jeopardy as well as other news media. Today viewers feel you cannot always believe what you hear on the news because it is sometimes based on opinion and also money coming from the corporations that own the news outlets.

Hot Topic: Music's Biggest Night
Kanye rushes the stage again at the Grammy's when Beck won over Beyonce for album of the year. He quickly retreats and brushes it off as a joke but later that night he stated that Beck should give the Grammy to Beyoncé.

Hot Topic: Ashley Graham
Model Ashley Graham talks about being a plus size model, her ad in Sports Illustrated and how she is very confident in her body and embraces her curves as her mother taught her beauty comes from within. She also talks about the swimsuits for all campaign.

Spike Lee, Director of Da Sweet Blood of Jesus
Spike Lee discusses the continued relevance of his film Do The Right Thing and how he found the star of his new film Da Sweet Blood of Jesus which was financed using crowd-funding. Spike Lee and Rosie Perez also talk about how they met.

Fifty Shades of Grey star Victor Rasuk
Actor and friend of Rosie Perez, Victor Rasuk, talks about his character in the hotly aniticpated film Fifty Shades of Grey.