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Is Honesty Always the Best Policy, Last Minute Valentines Day Gifts and Naomi Campbell

By The View | Feb 13th, 2015

Co-hosts Whoopi GoldbergNicolle Wallace  and guest co-hosts Michelle Williams and Stacy London discuss whether or not couples should keep secrets from one another.

Guest Co-host Michelle Williams Wears Lingerie for Herself
Do men care about lingerie or is it something women should wear for themselves?  The View co-hosts debate this questions and discuss how lingerie can sometimes boost a woman’s confidence.

Hot Topic: To Tell The Truth
Is it okay to tell lies in a relationship or should people be one hundred percent honest.

Naomi Campbell Talks About Her Role on Empire
Naomi Campbell is a supermodel but has now added actor to her resume as she is on the new hit drama, Empire. She almost turned down the role but was persuaded by producer Lee Daniels to accept the part.

Mikie Russo Gives Tips on Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts
Mikie Russo from FYI's Mikie Saves The Date shows co-hosts Nicolle Wallace and Stacy London last minute Valentine's day gift ideas including handmade cards, flowers, wine gummies, a customized robe and sweet treats like cookies decorated with melted chocolate and candy.

Andy Grammer Performs "Honey I'm Good"
Andy Grammer talks about how he got his start in music and how he is preparing for a national tour.