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Deflate-Gate, Influential Rap Music, "Scandal" Star Tony Goldwyn and Music Legend Patti LaBelle on "The View"

By Steve Dove | May 7th, 2015

Co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg, Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace and guest co-host Raven Symone talked about Deflate-Gate and cheating in sports. Then they chatted about a woman suing on behalf of God and a bus driver who tried to teach some unruly kids a lesson on his last day before retirement. Scandal star Tony Goldwyn (President Fitzgerald Grant) stopped by to talk about the show and music legend Patti LaBelle turned the co-hosts into her backup performers for a live rendition of the classic "Lady Marmalade!"

Hot Topic: Agony of the Cheat
The co-hosts talk about a new report about the New England Patriots allegedly under-inflating their game balls that says quarterback Tom Brady likely knew and was involved in what was going on.

Hot Topic: Drivers Ed
The co-hosts discuss a news story about an Arizona school bus driver who locked kids in his bus in order to lecture them about their bad behavior. Whoopi loved that the driver stood up to the kids on his last day before retiring, and Raven shared some school bus tales from her past.

Hot Topic: Call a Lawyer
The co-hosts chat about some unusual lawsuits like a 66-year-old woman who is suing all homosexual people on behalf of “God and His Son, Jesus Christ.”

Hot Topic: The Most Important Music Is...
Scientists say they have proof that rap music has been the most important music since 1960. The co-hosts discuss the important rap music and artists that influenced them and their lives.

Scandal’s Tony Goldwyn on The View
“Scandal” star Tony Goldwyn (President Fitzgerald “Fitz” Grant) stops by “The View” to talk about the show and have a reunion with his “Ghost” co-star Whoopi Goldberg. Plus, Raven and Nicolle reveal that they’re #TeamFitz.

Patti LaBelle on The View
Music legend Patti LaBelle visits “The View” to talk about her amazing life and career and what it was like competing in the 10th anniversary season of “Dancing with the Stars” and guest starring on “Empire.” She also talks about her new cookbook “Recipes for the Good Life.”

Patti LaBelle and The View Co-Hosts Perform LIVE
Patti LaBelle turns The View co-hosts into her backup singers and dancers for an unbelievable live performance of her classic hit, “Lady Marmalade.”

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