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"The View" on Politics

By The View | Sep 19th, 2014

The new season of “The View” premiered this week and Politics is definitely a Hot Topic. This week’s coverage ranged from President Obama being called a narcissist to The United States response to  James Foley’s kidnapping. Watch this week’s political discussions below:

Nicolle Wallace Talks About Her Political Background 
As a Political Commentator and former Communications Chief for George W. Bush’s White House, Nicolle has plenty of stories to share about working with politicians such as Dick Cheney and Sarah Palin.

Nicolle on Bush, Cheney and Sarah Palin|Nicolle Wallace discusses her time at The White House.|Nicolle discusses memorable moments from The White House and the campaign trail such as Dick Cheney's hunting accident and working with Sarah Palin.

Hillary Clinton Visits Iowa
The co-hosts discuss the significance of Hillary Clinton's first visit to Iowa since the Presidential Primary Election in 2008. Some feel it is a sign she may run again in 2016.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is Back in The News
He announced his withdrawal from the Toronto Mayoral Election due to a medical issue.

Hot Topic: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford|Rob Ford drops out of Mayoral race.|Rob Ford, the controversial mayor, is dropping out of the mayoral race in Toronto due to health issues.

Journalist James Foley's Family Speaks Out
The family of American Journalist James Foley says the United States Government did not do enough to bring their son back home.

Hot Topic: American Journalist James Foley|James Foley's family was not allowed to pay ransom.|James Foley's family was told by US Officials not to pay ransom for the return of their son.

Tough Week for President Obama
As President Obama is in the midst of trying to quell the growing Isis threat, Charles Krauthammer, a conservative columnist, calls him a narcissist. Additionally, Nicolle shocks the panel by admitting she does not think President Obama likes people.  

President Obama's Approval Ratings Fall
Later it was announced that President Obama's approval ratings had dropped to levels similar to George W. Bush's 2006 ratings. The co-hosts debate the reasons for the decline.

Hot Topic: Obama's Approval Rating|President Obama's approval ratings drop as low as Bush's 2006 ratings.|President Obama's approval ratings are similar to those of President George W. Bush in 2006.