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Exclusive Q&A: Scandal’s Scott Foley on Fame, "50 Shades," and More

By Sydney Berger | Oct 20th, 2014

Scott Foley visited "The View" on Monday October 20th, 2014. He discussed showing a lot of skin on ABC's "Scandal" and whether or not his character, Jake, will survive. He is also a busy man with a baby on the way and a new TV project with Shonda Rhimes. Check out the full interview below followed by an exclusive Q&A Scott did after the show to answer fans burning questions.

Want more of Scott Foley? Of course, you do! After today’s show, Scott Foley, known as Jake Ballard to Scandal lovers, answered some of your questions via Facebook!

Ronda W. asks: How are you handling all the attention/fame of the show?
“I don’t know, I hope well. My wife would probably say I’m stressed out a lot, and I’m at work a lot, but I’m lucky to have a job. Aren’t we all? I juggle the s**t out of it.”

Sheree B. wants to know: Why didn’t you just give the president [or the secretary] the envelope in Thursday’s episode of Scandal?
“I tried to give the president the envelope! He wouldn’t let me give him the envelope. You saw me; it was on screen, [Fitz] walked away from me! I sat and I waited until he came back, so I could give him the envelope; he never came back...”
And then!?
“They came to get me, and they took the envelope. Why doesn’t the president just read what’s inside the envelope? I don’t know.”

Annie Q. inquires: Did you ever think about auditioning for the role of Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey?
“Oh that’s so sweet,“ Foley laughed! “No, I’m a little old for it.“

What’s Foley’s message to the fans?
“I hope they keep watching!”