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Midterm Elections: Why Women Need to Vote

By The View | Oct 30th, 2014

Midterm elections are almost here and the women's vote could make all the difference. On the October 24th, 2014 episode of The View the co-hosts began a converstaion abput the importance of women getting out and voting on Tuesday November 4th, 2014. Since that show it has been an ongoing discussion. Catch up on the conversation by watching the videos below which include co-host Nicolle Wallace, a political analyst, weighing in along with guest Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Hot Topic: Midterm Elections are Almost Here
Everyone has a vote to cast in this election, especially women. Watch guest co-hosts Amy Robach and Natasha Lyonne weigh in with Rosie and Nicolle.

Elizabeth Warren on Midterm Elections
Elizabeth Warren discusses the importance of women voting.

Hot Topic: Importance of Voting
The co-hosts express the importance of young people and women voting.