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Joe Morton on "The View": Exclusive After the show "Scandal" Q&A

By Sydney Berger | Nov 19th, 2014

Joe Morton was a guest on the November 19th, 2014 episode of The View. He spoke about his Emmy win but was tight lipped about Scandal secrets until after the show. On the eve before Scandal’s winter season finale, Joe Morton, aka the infamous Rowan Pope (AKA Papa Pope) answered your burning Scandal questions from Twitter after The View. Watch his interview below and then check out he after show twitter Q&A.

With so many questions still left to be answered, all we can do is sit tight, and gear up for tomorrow night’s “KILLER” season finale of

Annette E. (@Annie340) asks: How did Rowan know about the plan between Fitz, Jake, and Liv?

Joe: “If I told you, I’d have to kill you. He owns B613—how would he not know about the plan? How would he not know to steal back the files?  How would he not know he’s got six guys out there? That’s his organization…“

L.V. (@Viale21) wants to know: Does Papa Pope actually feel as if he has his daughter’s best interest at heart?

Joe: “Oh, absolutely; all of the time. That’s why he killed the six other guys and not her.”

Ag S. (@StandzWitaFist) says: How “super bad” are YOU actually in real life? Is that why you have no blooper reel?

Joe: “[I’m] super disciplined when it comes to work, but not necessarily super bad.”

Scandal super-fan @ScandalMistress asks: If Rowan could choose a suitor (besides Fitz or Jake) for Olivia’s hand whom would it be and why?

Morton: “I have no idea.”

BUT, if your mouth dropped last week, well, you better keep it open. To all of the gladiators out there, Joe says: “Just get ready for Thursday night. It’s going to be thrilling. It’s going to be a KILLER.”