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Rosie O'Donnell Takes Barbara Walters to Crafty U

By The View | Dec 12th, 2014

Barbara Walters can craft an amazing interview, but she may need some help from our Rosie O. to make a few DIY holiday decorations. So today, Rosie took Barabara to Crafty U!

To help you at home, here are instructions on making a stunning snowglobe and snowflake bowl.


What’ you’ll need:

Mason jars, distilled water, glycerin, glitter, waterproof glue (like super glue), plastic figurines, and ribbon (width of the lid)


1. Remove any labels from the jar
2. Glue figurine to inside of jar top, let dry
3. Go to second setup (dried project)
4. Fill jar with distilled water about 1” from the top
5. Add a few drops of glycerine
6. Add glitter
7. Add a little glue to the lip of jar
8. Screw top on and turn over
9. Shake

Snowflake Bowl

What you’ll need:

Balloon, coffee cup, bowl, white glue, white yarn, and tape

1. Blow up balloon and tie
2. Tape balloon in cup to stabalize
3. Cut pieces of yarn
4. Dip yarn strand in glue and squeeze off excess glue
5. Drape yarn on balloon
6. Go to second setup (dried project)
7. Pop balloon with pin
8. Display bowl