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Discreet Discussions Presented By Always Discreet

By ABC.com | Oct 1st, 2014


Now bladder leaks can feel like no big deal.

Sensitive bladder? Join the conversation at alwaysdiscreet.com, and discover lots of women, just like you, who are finding smart ways to manage bladder leaks, so they can do the things they love to do, without holding back.



Discreet Discussions Presented by Always|Rosie and Marilu have discreet discussions with audience members.|Rosie and Marilu continue their discreet discussions with audience members.


Alwaysdiscreet.com is the perfect go-to destination for you to learn more about Always Discreet's entire line-up of innovative sensitive bladder products and solutions. And best of all, you'll connect with other women to share thoughts, opinions, stories and real-life tips.  Because hey, pee happens.