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Clay Aiken and "The View" Co-host Raven-Symone Share North Carolina Residents Perspectives on HB2 Bill

By Marisa Dabney | Jun 29th, 2016

Clay Aiken talks about the HB2 Bill in North Carolina on the Wednesday June 29th, 2016 episode of The View. Widely known as "The Bathroom Bill," it's become controversial, especially for the transgender community, as it mandates people use the bathroom that corresponds to the gender on their driver's license. Clay and Raven-Symone traveled to North Carolina where 70% of residents oppose the bill and 30% support the bill.  Many in favor of "The Bathroom Bill" did not want to speak about it on camera. A few North Carolina locals at a diner shared their views on the law.  Watch the interviews below.

Clay Aiken and Raven-Symone continued their discussion on the HB2 bill with two transgender North Carolina residents. They spoke with Madeline Gross, a transgender woman who is now publically mandated to use the men's room. Skye Thomson is a transgender boy who admits with the new law he tries to avoid going to the bathroom because it makes him uncomfortable and he feels de-humanized.

Maya Dillard Smith, a mom who feels she has been made out to be a bigot due to her stance on the HB2 bill, says she was pushed out of the Georgia ACLU. She feels the HB2 bill is about workers protection not a transgender bill. She cares more about economic and racial equality more than the implications of this bill on the transgender community. Watch this video of what she had to say on The View.

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