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Donald Trumps Calls into "The View": Discusses Immigration, Women's Health and If He Is Really a Democrat

By Marisa Dabney | Sep 10th, 2015

On the September 10th, 2015 episode of “The View” Donald Trump called in and spoke with the co-hosts. Whoopi Goldberg dove right into the interview asking Trump what he would have done differently with the Iran Nuclear Deal, as he is so unhappy with the deal President Obama struck. Trump’s response was that he would have gotten a better deal for the US which would have included more sanctions as the current deal favors Iran and will lead to nuclear proliferation.

Women’s health issues were also raised during the interview as Trump is polling well with Republic women. He admits that his wife and daughter have encouraged him to speak more about these issues. He says he is more committed to this issue on the trail than Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have been. Raven-Symoné countered Trump’s positive view of his stance for women by asking about his negative comments towards them. Trump admits he made negative statements about women in the past but it was as an entertainer while doing “The Apprentice.” 

Trump also spoke about Immigration. Whoopi pointed out that Trump’s wife is an immigrant and asked if that affects his stance on the topic. Trump clarified that while he is against illegal immigration no matter where the person is from, he does want people to be able to emigrate to the US but through a process that allows them to do so legally. He added that he feels a southern border is necessary but clears up the fact that he does not think all Mexican immigrants are murderers and killers.

Towards the end of the interview Joy Behar asked a question many have speculated about; is Trump is really a Democrat? Trump responded, like Ronald Reagan, he used to be a Democrat but is now a conservative Republican with a big heart. The co-hosts also touched upon Trump's position on the defunding of Planned Parenthood, which is an issue they feel he is not well informed about.