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Dr. Ian Smith on "The View'': Explains How "The Shred Power Cleanse" Helps You Lose Weight and Feel Great

By The View | Jan 11th, 2016

If you’re looking to hit the reset button, Dr. Ian Smith says his cleanse may be the tool you need to lower your blood pressure, cholesterol, and feel great. On "The View," Dr. Ian debuted his three-day weekend cleanse, which is part of his two-week shred power cleanse plan. 

It’s not just a liquid cleanse; it’s also an eating cleanse. The concept of the cleanse is based on three key principles:

• It’s Accessible
• It’s Realistic
• It’s Flexible

Dr. Ian started the Shred Purple Smoothie Challenge where all you have to do is replace one meal each day over the next 14 days with a purple power smoothie, and thousands across the globe are joining the challenge.

Day 1

Morning Smoothie: Purple Detox
1st Snack:  2 cups of air-popped popcorn
Afternoon Smoothie: Orange twister
2nd Snack: 1 cup of diced cucumber and tomato salad with with 1 tbs low calorie dressing; Clean Salad
Evening Smoothie: Chocolate Paradise

Day 2

Morning Smoothie: Green Tropical Twister
1st Snack: 1 small baked sweet potato;Vegetable soup; Roasted vegetables
Evening Smoothie: New Yorker; Lentil Soup

Day 3

Morning Shake: Banana Boat
1st Snack: 6 raw oysters; Clean salad; Tomato soup
Evening Smoothie: Purple Stinger
2nd Snack: 1/2 cup of raw dehydrated kale chips

For more, check out Dr. Ian’s book: "The SHRED Power Cleanse" which takes the classic detox plan to a new level. You won't find any fiberless, anemic juices on this regimen! Dr. Ian lays out each day of the two-week program.