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Fall PreView: Fashion Trends

By The View | Aug 10th, 2015

People StyleWatch Fashion Director Kate Dimmock shows off the latest fall fashion trends including: mix prints, fringe, skirts, the victorian look, and menswear.

People StyleWatch's Kate Dimmock Gives Fall Fashion PreView|Fall fashion trends with StyleWatch Director Kate Dimmock.|People StyleWatch Fashion Director Kate Dimmock shows off the latest fall fashion trends including: mix prints, fringe, skirts, the victorian look, and menswear.

Mixed Prints

When it comes to mixing prints, make sure you vary the size and pattern of the pieces. Here, we just have two items, so you can go in total opposite directions: classic Breton stripes and fun florals. The jacket and the shoes pick up the colors in the outfit to make the whole look streamlined.

Coat: Banana Republic Blue Coat, $268
Shirt: Banana Republic Striped Tee, $45
Skirt: Forever21 Flower Print Mini Skirt $14.90
Shoe: Banana Republic Fringe Tassle Pump, $128
Necklace: H & M Yellow Necklace, $14.99

Again variety is the trick here. Start small with a subtle base print against a navy blue background and then counter that with wide leg striped culottes. Since we have so much going on in the outfit, it’s best to stick with a neutral coat and shoes.

Jacket: Zara Coat, $TK
Shirt: Banana Republic Polka Dot Blouse, $TK
Pant: Zara Culotte Pant, $TK
Necklace: H & M Necklace, $19.99
Shoe: Banana Republic, $139
Hat: Banana Republic, $TK

Refined Fringe
Fringe gets an upgrade this season. Instead of boho or cowboy, look for refined fringe pieces that are appropriate for work and a night out. This Lane Bryant skirt in red is a show stopping piece that will go with everything in your wardrobe. We paired it with a boxy top that brings out the colors in the skirt. Treat navy blue like a neutral. These pumps add a little more complexity to the outfit but are still versatile.

Top: Talbot’s, $89.50
Skirt: Lane Bryant, $79.95
Shoes: Forever 21, $27.90


Layering is a trick to getting new mileage out of your favorite items. Spice up an old dress by putting a complimentary skirt over it. Just make sure the colors are in the same family. This whole outfit, including the shoes and necklace, is under $110.

Dress: Forever 21 Lace Dress, $27.90
Skirt: Forever 21 Rose Skirt, $17.90
Pumps: Forever 21 Tan Pumps, $27.90
Necklace: H & M Beaded Necklace, $29.95

Don’t be afraid of color. If done right, the “more is more” look can look very chic. All of these colors are from the same color family. The key is to vary textures, such as pairing a wool skirt with a silk blouse. Otherwise, you risk looking costumey. This bright bomber jacket would also brighten up a basic t-shirt and jeans look.

Jacket: H & M Bomber Jacket, $69.99
Blouse: H & M Chartreuse Blouse, $39.99
Skirt: H & M Pleated Maxi, $49.99
Necklace: H & M, $12.99
Bangle: $14.99
Boot: Dolce Vita Tan Peep Toe Boot, $180

The Victorian look was all over the runways, from Valentino to Givenchy. Look for well-tailored pieces to modernize the trend. Besides the collar, this dress is relatively simple. The Victorian goth look was a big hit on the runway, but for real life, we prefer softening it up with a sweeter color or a neutral. You can also try pairing a Victorian blouse with leather jeans for a tough look or minimalist wide leg pants for a polished one.

Dress: Zara, $69.90
Blouse: H & M, $34.99
Boot: H & M, $249
Turtleneck: Forever21 Lace Turtleneck, $24.90
Tights: HUE Brown Tights, $18
Bag: Talbots, $129


Geek chic is the new cool girl. This t-shirt from Banana Republic gives the look a bit of humor, and we love the pairing of a feminine pencil skirt with a menswear loafer. This blazer is a little pricier at $175, but everyone should have a staple black blazer in their closet and this one is a classic.


Blazer: Banana Republic, $175
T-Shirt: Banana Republic, $39.50
Skirt: Banana Republic Pencil Skirt, $89.50
Shoe: Banana Republic Black & White Loafer, $128
Earrings: H & M, $4.99


Rust is still going strong for fall. The matching sweater and pant is a great monochromatic base, while the striped jacket adds sophistication. Have fun with typical geek touches, like these glasses, which are available for less than $20. Layering a white collared blouse under anything adds an element of prep school cool.

Shirt: Talbots Collared Blouse, $89.50
Sweater: Talbots Oxford Sweater, $79.50
Blazer: Talbots Pinstripe Blazer, $149
Pant: Banana Republic Culotte Pant, $TK
Shoe: Forever 21 White Patent Loafer, $29.90
Glasses: Urban Outfitters Specs, $18