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Guest Co-host Naya Rivera Apologizes for Shower Comment on "The View"

By The View | Jan 14th, 2015



On the January 13th, 2015 episodeof The View the co-hosts got into a debate on how many times people need to shower a day. Nicolle Wallace admited she showers up to three times a day. Guest co-host Naya Rivera got in on the conversation with a controversial joke. She stated that white people shower much more than other people.  She backed up her theory stating her husband, who is white, showers often. Watch the clip below:

"The View" Guest Co-host Naya Rivera's Shower Theory|Hot Topic: How Much Should You Shower?|"The View" Guest co-host Naya Rivera has an interesting theory about showers and how often certain people take them.

After that show Naya Rivera recieved backlash for her comments.  Nicolle Wallace on the other hand recieved supportive e-mails from the OCD community. On the January 14th, 2015 episode of The View Naya clarified her comments were a joke and she did not mean to offend anyone. Watch her response below:

Naya Rivera Apologizes for Shower Comment on "The View"|Hot Topic: Showered With Attention|Naya Rivera apologizes for her shower joke and the co-hosts debate if showers are better than baths.