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Joseph Gordon-Levitt on The View: Star of New Film "Snowden"

By Marisa Dabney | Sep 14th, 2016

On Wednesday September 14th, 2016 The View co-hosts spoke with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt about his new film Snowden. Joseph plays Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone's new film.  Snowden is a polarizing figure as he is seen as a villain and a hero.  Some feel Snowden's leaking of NSA information put the country in danger while others feel he was a whistleblower.  This did not impact Joseph's decision to take the role.  Watch his interview below.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt on The View

Joseph explains in the interview why he did this film because he feels director Oliver Stone is a patriot and admits he had a hard time finding how Snowden's actions negatively impacted national security. He even traveled to Russia to meet with Edward Snowden in preparation for the role. He focused on Snowden's personality and nuances more so than the actions he took.  To find out how to participate in one of Joseph's Hit Record events visit https://www.hitrecord.org/.