S1 E12 Traveller in the Dark

08/24/15 | TV-14 | CC

In a flashback, a young Minx wakes up in the middle of the night, screaming for Wes. Wes comes to her rescue, comforting his little girl. He tells her about a poem his father taught him when he was little and scared: “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Wes teaches Minx the poem, putting her to bed. In present day, convinced that Minx is inhabited by Drill, Secretary Frommer is set to arrest her. He cites that 50 people saw Minx burn the president’s daughter:  the same burn mark found on Thomas Harcourt. Wes intervenes, arguing that Claire should make the final decision after a thorough investigation.

Claire agrees to question Minx, but Minx is icy towards her. Taking off Minx’s gloves, she asks her to touch her the way she touched Cassandra. Surprised, Minx is nervous and scared to do what she is told, backing out at the last minute. When Claire asks her what Orion is, Minx gets frustrated and goes off on Claire, telling her she knows she wants Minx to be guilty.

Sean and Jessup interrogate the reporter Goetz about his contact with Dr. Benavidez.  He believes Drill is a secret government nuclear testing program. Sean proposes they make a deal: if Goetz helps him get what he wants, Sean will give him the biggest story of his life. At the facility, Claire asks Henry about Minx. He tells her he saw her grab Cassandra – he’s sure of it. Silas takes Claire, Wes and Frommer through the night Dr. Benavidez was murdered. He gives them a play-by-play account and reveals the doctor’s murderer threatened to kill his mother if he told anyone. He confirms it was Minx he saw.

Silas’ confirmation and new evidence points to Minx being guilty and Claire has no choice but to advise Frommer to take Minx away. Jessup questions Sean’s motives for his deal with Goetz; Sean reveals his plan to get the government to release the children. Meanwhile, Wes visits Minx in her cell and tries to comfort her by reciting her favorite poem. When she can’t remember the words, she realizes he’s testing her – he thinks she’s Drill. She gets angry and he leaves, devastated Drill has gotten to his little girl. He has a meltdown in the hallway, punching the wall and sobbing, while Claire silently witnesses.

In adjacent rooms, Minx and Henry talk through the walls. Minx tries to convince Henry to get Claire to believe she’s not Drill. Henry is hesitant, and when he doesn’t answer, Minx is angry and questions their friendship. Meanwhile, Wes turns to Claire to confirm that Minx is completely gone. Sean tells the reporter Goetz everything about the government’s recent actions. He reveals the story about his mission and that the government brought Drill to them. Claire and Wes race to Minx’s cell to remove Drill from her, only to find out she’s been taken away by the authorities. She’s going to be killed.

Determined to save Minx, Claire calls Sean, who reveals he gave a reporter the whole story to expose the government. This prompts the President, who wants to get ahead of the story, to recall all the children from the black site and schedule an emergency press conference. Sean learns from the reporter that Orion is the President’s daughter’s code name and informs Claire that Cassandra is actually the one possessed by Drill. Wes races to save Minx, while Claire realizes the press conference will be Cassandra’s opportunity to trigger the other children. The press conference proceeds as scheduled and Cassandra lets out an ear-splitting shriek over the live feed, foreboding what is to come. Wes rescues Minx seconds before she is to be executed.

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