S1 E13 Season Finale: Game Over

08/31/15 | TV-14 | CC

News of Drill’s presence at the White House is being broadcasted all over the TV. People are nervous and concerned about an alien attack – including Frommer and the government. Wes interrupts Frommer’s meeting, informing them the only one who can tell them is Drill. Meanwhile, Cassandra/Drill is transported to a secure site, with Claire riding along. Claire receives a call from Sean, who informs her of another signal of Drill’s that was intercepted – it was by Thomas Harcourt’s father. Worried that today might be the last day, Sean tells her they need to be a family. 

Sean reaches out to Thomas’ father for answers about interrupting Drill and he’s in. At the secured site, Cassandra/Drill is restrained and interrogated by Claire and Wes. According to Drill, the game isn’t over, and in order to win, there needs to be sacrifice. Sitting down, Drill suddenly erupts in a blinding light, surprising them both. This sends out a trigger to the other children, including Henry and Minx, Harper, and Nicholas.

Claire and Wes take quick action to keep up with Drill’s plans, unaware that the triggered children have plans of their own. Minx and Henry pack their bags and another child mixes an elixir for her mother, while Nicholas locks his parents in a room. Jessup gets a surprise visit from his ex-wife, begging him to come with her. Stuck in traffic and chaos, Claire notices the children huddled together, plotting.  She follows them, only to find a grown woman. When Claire inquires about the children, she is taken aback when the woman knows her identity. Claire suddenly finds herself surrounded by other adults.

Wes and Frommer go back and forth about Drill, while Thomas’ father, Ron Harcourt, meets with Sean. Ron explains his findings, dating back to 1982. The two realize they’ve both encountered the series of numbers 1112 15, which seem to be important to Drill. They are interrupted by Henry who tells them there’s a strange lady staring at the house. Sean opens the door to a strange woman who knows his identity, while a group of adults approach him from inside the house. Henry and Minx watch on as Sean is restrained and knocked unconscious.

Claire and Sean wake up to find they’re in a strange location and that their captors are actually adult sleeper cells who’ve been manipulated by Drill when they were children themselves. Wes goes to the Bennigan house, only to find Ron dead on the ground. Sensing something isn’t right, he finds Harcourt’s laptop along with the notebook about Drill and takes it with him. Meanwhile, Frommer is shown a feed from a telescope, which shows beings coming.

Wes returns to his house looking for Minx and discovers he’s not alone, fighting off his captors. Jessup wakes up in the trunk of a car and answers a call from Wes, informing him of his whereabouts.  Wes rushes to the government headquarters, only to find the compound along the way. He goes in and assists in getting Jessup, Claire and Sean out alive. Eventually, the four are able to escape and Wes breaks the news to Sean that Ron is dead, while Jessup inform Sean and Claire that Henry is safe in the White House. The four catch a news report about the visitors when a blue light shines on them: they’re here.

Wes, Claire, Sean and Jessup meet with Henry at the White House. Realizing the signal is in Harcourt’s computer, they tap Henry to translate it. Meanwhile, the government launches warheads into space in hopes of destroying the invaders and the lights go out at the White House. Claire tries talking to Henry, but he’s oblivious and stares up at the sky – it’s clear he cannot hear anymore. She asks him via sign language what the signal meant and learns that it was a question: Are the children ready? The visitors aren’t here for the planet -- they’re there for the children.

Wes, Claire and Sean follow Henry to find Minx, leading them to a vast field. When they finally locate Minx, beams of light shoot down from the sky upon all the children and she is taken. Claire, in an act of desperation, pushes Henry out of the way, and is taken herself. With Claire and all the children gone, the others are left to wonder: “Where are our children?”


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