S1 E02 Hide & Seek

06/08/15 | TV-14 | CC

In the Sahara, a young boy is playing with a toy truck when a ball of fire falls from the sky, crashing down onto the ground. Taking a closer look, he finds a detached wing of a plane – as well as a name tag belonging to Captain Sean Bennigan of the U.S. Air Force.  Thousands of miles away, an escaped John Doe goes into a forest and pulls down a bag filled with belongings, including his clothes and a bloody tree branch. Elsewhere, Claire attempts to hold back John Doe’s sketch from the other bureau offices while she plans to investigate his identity on her own.

At the Lawrence house, Minx tells Drill she can’t print out what he wants when Wes enters her room. The two have a conversation about Drill and their family; Wes assures her nothing is going to change. As he leaves his house, Claire follows Wes in hopes of getting more information about what happened to her husband, and if he is really still alive. At a storage facility, John Doe goes into a unit. The walls are laden with newspaper clippings and photos – in particular, a photo of Harper and her treehouse.

At the hospital, Claire and Jessup try to talk to Harper to confirm a sketch of John Doe, but "Drill" said she is not allowed to talk to them because if she does what he says he will fix her mommy. Claire attempts to get around Drill's rules by convincing Harper to talk to Dr. Benavidez. While it doesn't quite work, Dr. Benavidez sees the sketch of John Doe and informs Claire he was her patient the previous night. Wes and Frommer meet to discuss Sean Bennigan; Frommer instructs Wes to find information about who Sean is working for.

Minx and her friend Tania are playing in her room when Minx suggests playing a new game that involves Drill. Tania expresses some skepticism, so Minx shows her a magic trick that gets her to play the game. Claire and Jessup talk to Dr. Benavidez to find out information about John Doe. Jessup can tell Claire is keeping something from him. Finally she tells him she thinks John Doe could be her husband. Meanwhile, John Doe calls the hospital to find out when Dr. Benavidez has her shift – he clearly has an agenda.

Wes receives a call, prompting him to go home immediately; it’s Lena. Wes needs to come home because the FBI is tearing about their home. He comes home and accuses Lena of breaking into his computer and they begin to fight. As they fight, Minx appears and confesses she was the one who went into the computer because of a game. Taking Dr. Benavidez's wallet and keys, John Doe goes into her home, ransacking the place looking for something. He finds a handgun and proceeds to take a shower; his body is covered in tattoos. While in the shower, he hears a piercing sound and collapses.

Coming to consciousness, John Doe gets out of the shower and frantically searches the drawers. Using a marker, he begins to draw on the bathroom floor. At the same time, Claire goes to Dr. Benavidez’s home and arms herself before going inside. Making her way in, she hears a sound and sees a man going out the window. Chasing after him, Claire eventally runs into John Doe and realizes he is her husband, but he unfortunately does not seem to recognize her.

At the hospital, Harper is at her mother’s side. With her mother still in a coma, Harper pleads to Drill, telling him he said he would help her. Harper’s mother’s eyes flutter and it looks like she’s waking up. With a glimmer of hope, Harper asks Drill what she should do next. Henry is alone in his room watching television when he starts talking back to the set. Downstairs, his grandmother hears the talking and goes to the room. When she asks who was talking, Henry signs that it was just the television. Not fully convinced, she turns off the TV and tells him it is bed time. When she leaves, Drill turns the TV back on and Henry apologizes.

On the phone, Wes is informed surveillance footage of John Doe doesn’t match Sean Bennigan – and that Claire has gone back to the doctor’s home to investigate. There she finds the drawing on the bathroom floor. Outside, a young girl is walking alone with a blanket in her arms: it’s Minx. Talking to Drill, she goes to the playground and looks at the files she printed. At the hospital garage, Dr. Benavidez is dealing with car troubles as John Doe lurks in the shadows. Once she’s alone in her car, John Doe surprises her at gunpoint, taking her hostage in order to help him.

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