S1 E05 What Lies Beneath

06/29/15 | TV-14 | CC

After the events at the nuclear plant, the HAZMAT tests Claire and Henry. Claire tries to assure Henry everything will be okay. The two are being rolled away when they are suddenly split apart and taken in separate directions. Meanwhile, Frommer has questions about the incident at the plant and Wes points out that the only one who was there was Sean. He suggests they do everything in their power to break Sean down to get the answers. Claire is being questioned by a doctor when Henry is brought to her. She brings up Henry’s actions at the plant and he tells her about Drill’s game and how he found Sean.

Wes returns home and informs Lena that Drill is targeting Minx because of him; she and Minx need to leave and go to her parents’ house. Elsewhere, Claire finds Henry outside and he questions why there are men around the house. When she tells him they are there to make the house safer, he accuses her of not wanting him to play with his friend Drill. Just then, Jessup arrives and Claire speaks with him. When she asks what is happening at the office, he tells her that he can’t talk about it with her - she’s not supposed to stay on the case. He reveals he was sent there to collect her files and she obliges, but requests he keep her in the loop.

Claire visits Wes at his office and insists that there is something otherworldly going on, which is why she needs to speak to Sean. Wes brings in Claire in an attempt to restore his memory. She brings him photos of them together in hopes to refresh his memory, but he doesn’t remember. Unable to bear Claire’s emotional response to her husband, Wes retreats to his office where he learns that Sean’s polygraph results aren’t just abnormal; they somehow mirror the shape of the fulgurite.

Lena takes Minx to a friend’s birthday at an amusement center. When Lena thanks her friend for recommending Dr. Rosen, her friend informs her about his freak accident. Lena looks over at Minx but she is nowhere to be found. Asking Minx’s friend if she’s seen her, she tells her that Minx went to talk to a friend, causing Lena to panic. After overhearing a conversation between Wes’ secretary and her son about volcanos, Wes realizes he’s been looking at the fulgurite the wrong way. There’s something more to the crash site in the desert, something that lies beneath. He tells Lena he’s going back to Mali.

As Wes travels to Mali and begins the excavation, Sean shows off his tattoos to Claire, leading her to become convinced that one of Sean’s tattoos is the harbinger of another terrorist act. She connects the tattoo to a young boy named Ethan, who is the son of Wes’ secretary, Renee. Claire goes to speak with Ethan and questions him without his mother’s approval. She asks him about Drill and the volcano he created under Drill’s direction. Just then, Renee arrives home, furious that someone is interrogating her son without her presence. She is surprised to see that it’s Claire.

Drill manipulated Wes by sending him to Mali. Claire frantically tries to call Wes to warn him, but he doesn’t pick up. Meanwhile, at the Lawrence house, Lena has a feeling that someone is watching her.  She receives a phone call; it’s Claire. Claire informs her of the concern that Wes is Drill’s target. Lena cuts the conversation short and calls Wes, urging him to call her back. For her protection, Lena grabs a gun from the safe and places it next to her bed. Meanwhile, Jessup is being sent to spy on Claire. In Mali, Wes unearths the rock and witnesses proof that Claire was right about Drill not being of this earth.

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