S1 E06 The Archer

07/06/15 | TV-14 | CC

In a government aircraft, Wes travels with the rock to be transferred to a top-secret government black site. There is major turbulence at the beginning of the plane’s descent and when Wes touches the rock, blue light bursts from it, shocking him and knocking him to the ground. Meanwhile, Claire keeps a close watch on Henry, while studying the other kids who have been talking to Drill. When Henry disappears from her radar, she temporarily panics, only to find him in her room, looking at the photos of the other kids. Claire begins to talk to Henry and learned there are a lot more children involved than they initially believed.

Claire visits Sean; he still doesn’t remember their life together. Later, Wes and Claire secretly meet in an empty parking garage. She informs him he was led to Mali by his secretary’s son – by Drill. Claire returns to the FBI offices and insists on being put back on the case, with Jessup backing her. She suggests gathering the kids together to see if they can learn something. Myers agrees, as long as she holds it on property and keeps it small. She turns to Lena, who is clearly still bitter over Claire and Wes’ affair. Still, she asks Lena for permission to allow Minx in her group discussion, but Lena turns her down.

Wes takes a stroll with Frommer, who breaks the news that Claire is having a discussion group with the kids – something Wes was uninformed about. Back at the FBI headquarters, Claire realizes there are security men and cameras all over the room where the discussion with the children will be held. Shocked, she encounters Myers who seems equally confused and disappointed. When she asks who ordered it, Wes enters the room and admits he did.

Sean gets a visit by Frommer; he asks him if he remembers how he got to the Sahara. His visit causes tension. Claire and Wes discuss the children. The parents of the kids are worried about all of the cameras surrounding their children. Harper’s father approaches Claire and tells her about his wife’s inability to sleep. Meanwhile, the kids talk amongst themselves about Claire and Drill while their parents watch. Lena overhears Minx talking to Drill about the discussion group.

Claire goes into the room with the children to ask them questions about Drill. The kids tell her about their friendship with Drill and the security they feel with him. Henry speaks up about Drill finding Sean and giving him his hearing back. Meanwhile, Lena overhears Minx telling Drill that Claire is the one who doesn’t like him, which in turn makes her not like Claire.  While the kids talk to Claire about their friend Drill, his presence becomes known in the facility as the lights begin to turn on and off. The children inform Claire that Drill is there and the lights go out.

In the control room, Wes and Jessup can see that Drill makes his way over to Kelly and then to Henry. Security is able to get the door open and the lights turn back on. Wes informs Claire that they got Drill on the thermal camera and that he was going to Henry. Suddenly Kelly speaks up and tells Claire she has a message from Drill, saying, “You’re not going to win.”

Claire watches the footage of Drill’s energy flowing into Henry and gets emotional. Jessup subtly comforts her.  Wes and Frommer are given more information about the rock by Dr. Tully. Sean punches the door window to his room, drawing blood. Wes and Claire are summoned to Sean’s cell, where he tells them something is calling him. He knows about Wes’ trip to Mali, but Claire hadn’t told him anything. Wes and Claire bring Sean to the rock and after touching it he regains his memory. Meanwhile, Lena makes contact with Drill, begging the question: What does Drill want with Lena?

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