S1 E08 A Hollow Man

07/20/15 | TV-14 | CC

In the car with Jessup, a worried Henry can’t help but ask about his parents, while Jessup assures the boy that Claire and Sean – who are now on the run – will be meeting up with them. When the two parties reunite, Claire and Henry embrace, while Sean greets Jessup with a warm punch to the stomach. At the black site, Wes and Secretary Frommer survey the damage of the rock blast. Wes stands up to Frommer and attempts to clear Sean and Claire from any trouble, putting him on the outs with his boss. Henry informs his parents that Drill is now looking for them, meaning they did not succeed in destroying Drill.

Learning Drill is still present, Lena confesses to Wes about communicating with Drill. When Wes approaches Minx about it, she turns on her mother and says she made up talking to Drill to make Lena feel better. Sean, Claire and Henry retreat to a motel. With Henry asleep, Sean and Claire reminisce about better times. Meanwhile, Jessup receives information Claire requested and discovers a case of an 8-year-old boy who had an imaginary friend named Drill in 1978. When Wes calls, Claire informs him that Drill survived the blast: Lena was right.

While Lena hides away in a closet, Minx apologizes to her about lying. When Lena suggests they not be friends with Drill anymore, Minx tells her he has an important message for her. Using block letters, Lena communicates with Drill, and this time he has a specific mission for her. Lena sees the block letters spell out the word “kill” and states she won’t play… ever. Based on Jessup’s new information, Claire and Sean seek to find a man to help answer more questions. Admitting he spoke with Claire, Wes is no longer the Golden Boy that Frommer believed he could count on and is now on the outs.

Looking for Minx, Lena goes outside to find her standing on the roof. To make sure Lena knows she has no options, Drill puts Minx in danger to show he is serious. Lena caves and decides to play Drill’s game – as long as he promises to leave Minx out of it. Meanwhile, Claire and Sean find the residence of the boy who knew Drill in the 1980s. They speak with the boy’s father, who gives them the scoop on what happened to his two sons. He worked for NASA at the time and his sons were excited to hear when they started to receive a strange signal. His son, Thomas, heard the alien’s voice in his head and killed his brother Eliot, saying Drill made him do it.

Wes comes home carrying suitcases, inquiring where Lena is. Her friend Callie tells him she’s at a doctor’s appointment, something Lena failed to tell him about. Going to Minx’s room, he tells her he’s brought safety cameras and confronts her about her lying to him. Minx comes clean and apologizes, telling him that there’s something he needs to know about Lena: she is going to do something bad. Wes calls her to change her mind, but she’s already on the way – and she’s armed with a gun. Meanwhile, Thomas’ father continues his recollection of that fateful night his son was killed. He gives Sean and Claire access to home movies for their investigation.

With Jessup’s help, Claire discovers Eliot took Thomas’ name after killing him. Wes turns to Jessup to help him find Lena. He tracks down her location: she’s going after Sean and Claire under Drill’s orders. Arriving at Thomas’ house, Sean and Claire tell Henry to lock himself in the car and wait. Once inside, they discover all the bulbs in the light fixtures have been taken out and there is no electricity in the house whatsoever. In the basement, they find a replica of the woods along with two toy figurines, signifying that fateful night. Thomas suddenly appears and when Claire tells him they just want to talk, he shuts the door, locking them in the basement.

Claire and Sean make an attempt at talking Thomas into opening the door. Something Sean says strikes a chord and he is willing to speak with them. He explains that they’re the ones who called Drill and admits to killing Drill. Outside, a panicked Henry sees Lena pull up and enter the house holding a gun. In the basement, Claire and Sean press Thomas on how he killed Drill. Before he can answer, Lena finds them and fires shots. Wes and Jessup arrive and find Lena in shock on the stairs.

Freed from the car, Henry runs down to where his parents are, calling out to them. They both respond, but Claire doesn’t want Henry to see what’s going on, so Sean takes him out of there. It wasn’t Claire Lena was after – it was Thomas. He’s losing a lot of blood, but Claire needs him alive and conscious. Thomas knows how to kill Drill. 

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