S1 E11 Homesick

08/17/15 | TV-14 | CC

Wes stands in a daze as people come up to him with their condolences; it’s the day of Lena’s funeral. Claire, Sean and Henry arrive at the door, but a distraught Wes is cold and turns them away.  In the privacy of the bathroom, he has a meltdown, punching the mirror and breaking the glass. Minx is behind him and sees everything. They reminisce about Lena and are determined to fight against Drill. All of a sudden, Minx passes out and Wes rushes her to the hospital. When he arrives, however, he finds it filled with other ailing children.He turns to Claire, only to find out Henry is also sick.

Upon examination, Dr. Maria Benavidez notices the children all share a common marking in their brain tissue, which she and Wes believe is a “symbiotic link” put there by Drill. At the hospital, Claire notices the lights flickering down the hallway; Drill is there. Following the flickering lights, she ends up at Harper’s room. Drill told Harper they will all be better as soon as he finds “Orion.” Visiting the White House, Wes convinces the President of the United States to issue a quarantine of all the children with the marking to be brought to a governmental black site, in hopes of saving them from Drill.

Jessup and Claire attempt to figure out who – or what – Orion is. Meanwhile, the quarantine of the children is underway. Officials pluck sick children from the hospital to the site, while concerned citizens report their friends’ ailing kids. Even the president’s daughter, Cassandra, is feeling sick and headed to be quarantined. Wes orders Henry to be picked up, something Claire and Sean are not happy about. When Wes arrives at the Bennigan house, all three Bennigans are putting up a fight. Claire and Wes argue about the operation, but Henry is taken anyway.

At the site, a group of children - including Cassandra - talk about Minx and how her father is running the operation. They suspect Minx doesn’t really know Drill and she’s just a spy for Wes. A group of parents voice their concern about their children to Claire and Sean. One of the parents brings up the notion that she may have been followed there. She is correct: a mystery gentleman who has been lurking around has candid photos of the families and their kids. In her office, Dr. Benavidez is on the phone when she solves a medical link. However, someone else is also there and kills her before hanging up the phone.

The next morning, Wes inspects the dead doctor’s body and finds a burn mark of a child’s hand, much like the one found on Thomas Harcourt. It becomes apparent that Drill is actually at the site and has possessed one child to do his bidding. Wes summons Claire to the site to conduct interviews with the children in hopes that she can discern which one is possessed by Drill. Meanwhile, the mystery gentleman follows Sean in a parking garage. He loses Sean, only to be caught off-guard and confronted by him.

The mystery gentleman is a reporter named Daniel Goetz who has followed the story on Drill since Dr. Benavidez turned to him when Sean kidnapped her. Goetz  was speaking to her until the previous night. Claire finds an important lead with Silas when suddenly the fire alarm goes off and everyone is evacuated from the building. During the evacuation, Minx attacks Silas and then Cassandra. After Claire breaks up the fight, all the children point to the one possessed by Drill: Minx.

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