Bert Harrison

Played by Albert Tsai
Character Biography

Bert, now 8, was adopted from China as an infant by Pete and Jackie. The youngest of the family, Bert is adored by all. He's wide-eyed and innocent, curious, and kind. He plays the saxophone and soccer and likes to dance. In a hectic blended family it's easy to get overlooked, but he asserts himself by always speaking his mind, loudly.

Just as everyone loves Bert, he loves the rest of his family. He wants his mom to succeed and be happy, even lending a hand with her businesses. He has also taken a liking to Kate, seeing her both as a parent and friend.

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Actor Biography

Albert Tsai began performing in both choral concerts and piano recitals at the tender age of 7. He also performed in a production of The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley Jr.

That same year he began taking acting classes and was invited to attend the Los Angeles iPOP convention, where he won 2012 Child Actor of the Year.

Through iPOP, Albert came to the attention of former Disney executive Tina Treadwell, who became his manager, and so his professional career began. His television debut was in How I Met Your Mother, but the very first role he booked was as Bert in on ABC's Trophy Wife.

Albert speaks fluent Mandarin, plays the piano and loves horseback riding, swimming, martial arts (Kung-Fu), video games and dancing.

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