Warren Harrison

Played by Ryan Lee
Character Biography

Warren, 15, is the eldest child of Pete and Diane, sister to Hillary, and stepbrother to Bert. But while he's the oldest kid, he doesn't always act like it. He'll defer to Hillary and her superior intellect and happily plays with young Bert. Warren is one of those rare teenagers who loves everyone, especially his parents, and thinks they're all so cool. Kate included. He's been known to refer to his parents and himself as "The Wrecking Crew."

Warren completely lacks self-consciousness, writing erotica about his crushes, being open about what's going on in his life, and unabashedly still loving Legos. He's very happy where he is in life right now and is not intent on growing up or becoming an adult. While Warren may not feel awkward, it doesn't mean he isn't.

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Actor Biography

By a young age, Ryan Lee had already had the opportunity to work with film legends such as Steven Spielberg, JJ Abrams and Judd Apatow, and to work opposite Oscar winner Robin Williams and Oscar nominees Melissa McCarthy and Samuel L. Jackson.

Discovered by Steven Spielberg and JJ Abrams during the casting of Super 8, 2011's Sci-Fi summer blockbuster, Lee was cast as Cary, the a mischievous pyromaniac who served as the comic relief in the story about a group of friends who discover an alien life form in their small hometown in Virginia. The film was one of 2011's biggest films, and led Lee to his role in 2012's This is 40, the follow-up to Judd Apatow's mega-hit, Knocked Up. Lee was cast as the son of Oscar Nominee Melissa McCarthy after Apatow saw a screening of Super 8.

Lee had featured roles in the independent films The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy and Meeting Evil, and can next be seen in the holiday comedy A Friggin' Christmas Miracle, alongside Robin Williams, Lauren Graham, Joel McHale, Oliver Platt and Candice Bergen.

On the small screen, he has been a featured comedic guest star on shows like NBC's Community, Disney's Good Luck Charlie and Comedy Central's Workaholics, and had dramatic roles on AMC's Breaking Bad, CBS' Friday Night Lights and the ABC drama My Generation.

Lee was born and raised in Austin, TX.

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