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Based on one of the most popular telenovelas ever, smart but wholesome Betty embraces her unique appearance and independent attitude in the cutthroat world of New York fashion. With the help of her proud yet far-from-glamorous family from Queens, Betty will continue to have big dreams and deal with any obstacle in her own unique style.

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season 4

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    S4 E1 The Butterfly Effect, Part 1

    Betty starts her new job and deals with resentful co-workers; bullies prey on Justin while Wilhelmina harbors a secret.

    43:0110/16/09Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E2 The Butterfly Effect, Part 2

    Daniel's distress takes a toll, while Betty tries to run her own Mode photo shoot.

    42:3410/16/09Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E3 Blue on Blue

    Betty strives for a scoop with a new designer; Marc enlists clueless Amanda and Matt in his effort to sabotage Betty.

    42:5410/23/09Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E4 The Weiner, the Bun, and the Boob

    Wilhelmina makes Marc be Betty's temporary assistant; Betty decides to cover the worst jobs in New York; Hilda causes trouble for Archie's campaign; Daniel hires a beautiful but inept assistant.

    42:1810/30/09Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E5 Plus None

    Matt asks someone to be his plus one at Wilhelmina's fundraiser; Daniel hires Natalie to be his assistant, making Betty feel obsolete; Amanda keeps a secret from Betty.

    42:5611/06/09Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E6 Backseat Betty

    Marc encourages Justin to befriend the cheerleaders at school; Bennett and Natalie lure Daniel deeper into the Community of the Phoenix.

    42:5311/14/09Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E7 Level (7) With Me

    Betty is alarmed when Bennett promises that Daniel will be reunited with Molly; Marc digs deeper into Nico's mystery.

    42:4311/27/09Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E8 The Bahamas Triangle

    Betty, Matt and Amanda's love triangle explodes in the Bahamas; Betty has a terrible photo shoot; Wilhelmina discovers her nemesis has landed a coveted job.

    42:5512/04/09Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E9 Be-Shure

    Hilda and Betty have pregnancy scares; Marc has a plan to get Wilhelmina back; Claire finds the son she gave up for adoption.

    43:0212/11/09Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E10 The Passion Of The Betty

    Betty worries that she and Matt are spending too much time together; Hilda considers sharing a piece of news with Bobby; Cal hires Wilhelmina's replacement.

    43:0001/06/10Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E11 Back In Her Place

    Betty gives an account of her worst week ever; Daniel worries that Marc is sabotaging him; Bobby tries to pamper Hilda; Wilhelmina makes a commitment to Connor.

    42:3501/13/10Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E12 Blackout!

    Betty plans a karaoke party in her apartment building; Marc loses something irreplaceable; Amanda tricks Daniel and Wilhelmina into attending couples counseling.

    42:5201/20/10Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E13 Chica And The Man

    Wilhelmina discovers she has a drag queen impersonator.

    43:0002/03/10Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E14 Smokin Hot

    Betty discovers a new designer at a low-priority show during Fashion Week; Amanda teams up with Helen to start a new fashion line; Tyler comes to New York to look for Claire.

    43:0202/10/10Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E15 Fire and Nice

    Betty is pressured into dating an annoying firefighter; Amanda persuades Claire to hire Tyler; Hilda meets Bobby's parents.

    42:4103/10/10Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E16 All the World's a Stage

    Justin finds himself in an unexpected love triangle; Betty falls for a playwright she is profiling for Mode; Wilhelmina has an epiphany.

    42:3403/17/10Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E17 Million Dollar Smile

    After being knocked unconscious at a photo shoot, Betty has a dream in which her orthodontist shows her how her life would have been had she never worn braces.

    42:5303/24/10Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E18 London Calling

    Betty brings Hilda on an assignment to cover London Fashion Week; Willie joins AA to get closer to Tyler and to double-cross Claire and Daniel.

    43:0103/31/10Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E19 The Past Presents The Future

    Betty asks Daniel to go to Hilda's wedding with her; Amanda wants to fix Marc up with her new client; Betty considers unexpected offers.

    42:5504/07/10Season 4TV-PG
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    S4 E20 Hello Goodbye

    Betty has a hard time telling Daniel important news about her future; Amanda copes with the death of her dog; Marc wonders if he will ever have a successful relationship.

    42:5904/14/10Season 4TV-PG