Played by Iman Benson
Character Biography

A smart girl with eclectic tastes. Tia is idealistic and mature for her age and enjoys being the voice of reason.

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Actor Biography

Iman Benson is an extremely intelligent, mature and pleasant young lady, aspiring to be a world class actress. She is currently in the 10th grade where she excels in the scholastic gifted programs at her school. When Iman is not studying or working at becoming a successful actress, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, shopping, watching movies, reading and many other activities.

As a young actress, she has trained and studied at The Company Acting Studio, 7 Stages and Atlanta Workshop Players. Her many talents include insightful character interpretation and passionate delivery. Iman's recent voice-over performances include Publix Super Markets, Inc., and Disney XD's pilot "Pens," among others. Her professionalism, quick study and comedic timing make her compelling and a delight to watch.

Iman Benson was born in and currently resides in Atlanta with her family.

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